MetaSoak Sacred Baths utilizes ancient wisdom and new age processes to create a unique and holistic healing experience. Their innovative method provides a safe and comfortable space for clients to relax, release, and revive themselves through meditation and mindfulness. Clients immerse themselves into an antique claw foot tub of warm water, essential oils, organic herbs and dead sea salts tailored to meet their healing needs. Each session offers a customizable sensory experience including aromatherapy, soundscapes, and ancient detoxification methods.

The idea for the company came from the concept of a sacred bath being a "metaphysical soak",  or one that simultaneously treats a person's mind, body, and spirit. The founder comes from a long line of medicine women, so capturing her heritage was an important part of the brand. She grows her own herbs in her home-based greenhouse to use in the treatments.

The branding needed to have a natural, organic feel, but also be elevated and modern. Since the business concept and name were unique we knew the logo would need to communicate effectively to give potential clients a window into the experience without much other information. Since the nature of the treatment is very tactile we translated that to the logo and incorporated a watercolor texture that could be threaded throughout the marketing materials. To balance all the natural forms clean, classic typography was chosen and the color story light and lush using an airy blue-green and rich earth tones.



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