Backroom Graphics is a New York-based, family-owned business specializing in vinyl graphics. The founding brothers share a passion for bringing their commercial practices into the residential market finding new and innovative ways to use vinyl.

The company was birthed and established in the back room of the brother’s shared home. This was a very important facet of the company story that they wished to incorporate into the branding and that is how the logo concept was born. The high contrast color palette and modern typography we chose set them apart from their competition and conveyed the clean, edgy, and innovative aesthetic they were looking to present. In the 3 years the company has been operating they have doubled their staff in response to their increase in clientele. The logo and unique, square business card we designed is often sited as the reason their customers chose them over a competitor.

Along with the logo and marketing materials, we designed a one-page website that highlighted their past work, gave some insight into the installation process, and made it easy to contact them for a quote.

color story + typography




marketing materials